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Image by Derek Thomson


Jewellery has always been a passion with most women, but in recent years that passion seems to have diminished somewhat, with so much of the same being produced. 

The idea of jewellery is foremost that it should move you in some way, it should make the sense tingle and offer a visual and sensual feast, as you carefully put it on and adjust to look just perfect.

It should make you feel like a million dollars.


So it is with a sense of pride that we have a new design house that is not just creating beautiful and unique designs in the U.K., but is actually producing every piece in the U.K. and is putting the artistry and passion back into every single creation.

The Precious Collection

These beautiful and sensational contemporary pieces are all designed and handmade in Scotland.

This range epitomises true modern elegance, incorporating the likes of scintillating Pearls, Gold, Rubies & Topaz. 

This range is made to be worn and admired and a must for the modern woman.

Jewellery to be worn and admired.

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